Titanium Backup Pro APK: Download Full Version for Free on Android

Titanium Backup Pro APK is one of the most powerful backup app available in the app stores. It allows you to create a backup of several different types of files including audio, video, APK, doc, ppt, xml, html, xsl, etc. Not just this, “Titanium Backup Pro” also allows you to create a backup of the apps you have on your mobile as well as the backup of your mobile phone’s settings. This includes Protected apps and all the extra data on your SD card. The backup is created of the data you select and stored in the cloud space.

Titanium Backup Pro APK creates the backup of your data either as the “0 click batch” or as “scheduled backup.” It as allows you to move any app or the app data to or from the SD card. Titanium Backup Pro creates such a backup that you browse through the backup without restoring it entirely or partially and also allows you to delete the contents of the backup while you are browsing through them.

Download APK (8 MB)

Titanium Backup Pro uses the root access of your mobile phone to access the data from the system partition and stores them for future restoration. Even if your Android phone has been corrupted or flashed with a custom ROM, this app can save you from the hassle and get your phone loaded up just like before. The “Titanium Backup” is available for free while the premium version is the paid version. The Pro version of the Titanium Backup Pro APK will surely enhance the experience of using this amazing app even more.

Features of the Titanium Backup Pro APK:

  • The app has no limit for its usage.
  • Provides you with very fast app listing. “Titanium Backup Pro APK” can list up to 300 apps in only 1 second.
  • It sorts the apps by name/ last backup/ app organizer labels. This helps you search the apps easily and it also affects the batch operation.
  • “Titanium Backup Pro APK” can backup and restore regular apps and their settings to/ from your mobile phone.
  • It can also backup and restore the Protected apps and their settings to/ from your mobile phone.
  • It can also backup and restore the system apps and their settings to/ from your mobile phone. Titanium Backup Pro will require WiFi connectivity for doing so.
  • Titanium Backup can also backup and restore external app data.
  • It also restores the market links of the apps while restoring them.

Titanium Backup Pro APK

  • It rorovides with the facility of interactive batch restore.
  • It Provides several batch scenarios for the backups created. For example, delete the backup if it is not restored in more than 10 days. Update the backup in every 24 hours.
  • Zero-click app uninstaller.
  • Zero click system app uninstaller.
  • It can move app to/ from SD card.
  • It can move the app data to/ from SD card.
  • It Provides different desktop widgets for easier use of the app.
  • You can create a single weekly or bi-weekly scheduled backups.
  • “Titanium Backup Pro APK” Provides you with user-defined app lists with filtering, colouring and scheduling report.
  • It has a built-in Android Market information viewer for all the Android versions of 2.0 and higher.
  • It can remove the orphan app data.
  • You can create multiple different backups for the same app and the history length of each backup can be chosen manually.
  • It Provides zero click background batch restore.
  • It Provides encryption for your backup such as asymmetric crypto where a passphrase is needed on restore only.
  • You can also back and restore the SMS, MMS, call log, bookmarks in the browsers, and WiFi network in the portable XML format.

Titanium Backup Pro APK

  • It Provides multi user supports for some apps. Man of the games are played by different users on the same device, and this is where you can use this feature.
  • Titanium Backup Pro APK Provides a widget for quick switching.
  • Batch verification for your backups.
  • You can create an update.zip file which will contain apps plus their data. This file can flashed in the recovery mode to restore everything in one single shot.
  • It allows you to migrate some data such as SMS, MMS, etc. across incompatible ROMs.
  • It can convert your app system apps.
  • Titanium Backup Pro APK has an ultra fast Hyper Shell which is much faster for almost everything.
  • It has an app freezer which can disable any app and make it invisible without uninstalling it.
    Provides you with batch app freezing/ defrosting.
  • It Provides full support for the paid apps that must normally be installed through the market.
  • It has a market auto-updating manager which is used to easily verify, enable or disable auto updates on several apps at once.
  • It can create unlimited, independent scheduled backups and each of which can run for 1 to 7 time a week.
  • Market doctor can retrieve or recreate any broken market links for your updates to appear in Market again.
  • It has a Dalvik cache cleaner which can free up precious internal memory of your mobile phone.
  • Titanium Backup Pro APK can integrate updated system apps directly into the ROM of your mobile phone to free up even more internal memory.
  • Allows you to synchronize all or some of your backups to Dropbox, Box and Google Drive.
    Titanium Backup Pro APK can retrieve all your backups from the Dropbox, Box and Google Drive in case your phone gets lost or SD card failure.
  • It has a TB web server which can download and upload all your backups as a single ZIP file on your computer through a web interface.
  • You can load and save a filter from the Filters screen and use it in Widgets or Schedules.
  • You can change the device Android ID, restore it from a backup or after a factory reset.
  • This allows you to Protect your backup against deletion.
  • You can send your backup by email, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other means which can be imported and restored very easily.
  • CSV data exported from any app’s DB to email or Google Docs.
  • It can convert app data to from Gingerbread’s faster WAL DB format.
  • You can brand the “Titanium Backup Pro APK” with your name.

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