PdaNet APK Download Latest Version for Android PdaNet+

PdaNet+ is one of the most popular and top Android application on the app stores. PdaNet APK allows you to share the Internet access of your Android phone with other devices such as your computer or tablet. “PdaNet APK” works on all Android phones and the application does not require the device to be rooted beforehand. It also does not require you to have a tethering plan and will save your $20 per month from most carriers.  Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 2

PdaNet now comes with the whole bundle of both PdaNet APK and FoxFi together to give you supports of WiFi hotspot in addition to USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN. That means that you can share the Internet access to your other devices from your Android phone from either of USB tethering or Bluetooth tethering or WiFi hotspot. PdaNet is capable of handling download speed of well above 35 MBps in its USB mode and is the fastest tethering software available for Android.

Once downloaded and installed the PdaNet 6 will eliminate the need for any other app for turning your Android phone into a WiFi Hotspot. It will also help you avoid the need to look for PC manager to establish the network connection between your phone and the other devices such as your tablet or your computer. “PdaNet” is going to do all if it for you with a single touch.

PdaNet APK

WiFi Direct Hotspot

PdaNet now comes with a completely new WiFi Direct Hotspot feature. This feature works on all Android devices with the versions 4.1 or higher. This new feature allows you to connect computers and tablets to your phone using WiFi but it will require you to either install either a client app provided by the “PdaNet APK” or set up a proxy depending upon what device you are connecting to the phone. The feature, WiFi Direct Hotspot is available in PdaNet and once you activate it then you will provide a detailed set of instructions below the Help button.

PdaNet APK

Sometimes your tablet or computer might have problems with detecting and connecting to Hotspot server you created on your phone using the PdaNet APK. If your Windows computer does not see the Hotspot during the pairing please do one of following things:

  1. Restart Hotspot on the phone. This might able to trigger the response of our Windows computer.
  2. Click on Show All WiFi Direct Hotspot. It will verify if your adopter supports the selected bandwidth of 5 GHz.

FoxFi WiFi Direct Hotspot Mode

Besides the new WiFi Direct Hotspot mode, the original version of it remains still in the separate FoxFi app. If you still need the FoxFi app you can use WiFi Direct Hotspot Mode provided in the app itself. It has ceased to function on many newer phone models due to carrier updates. Even when this function works, your hotspot usage may still be metered. But WiFi Direct Hotspot is the solution for both of these issues. However, the new feature is not meant to support the gaming devices such as PlayStation and Xbox modules or TV or TV streaming devices.

USB Mode

Except for some ZTE and Alcatel models, the USB mode works for all of the Android devices. This mode even allows the connection from Windows and Mac. There is WiFi Share feature provided in addition which can help you further turn Windows into a WiFi Hotspot so that you can share your Internet access using “PdaNet APK” with other devices.

Bluetooth Mode

Bluetooth mode of the PdaNet is now obsolete. With the time this feature has very little to no use and it is suggested that you should use the WiFi Direct Hotspot feature instead. It is also rumored that the Bluetooth mode may get disabled in the future updates of the PdaNet APK.

Requirements for using the PdaNet APK

If you are still thinking that if you need the PdaNet software or it is just some other software which will take up memory space of your Android phone you should read this. There are following 4 kinds of data plans available for you to use from all the available carriers.

  1. Your data plan does not allow you to turn the hotspot feature one of your mobile phones. If you try it prompts you to call your carrier. It does not matter if your data plan is limited or unlimited but it does not allow to turn on the hotspot of your mobile phone.
  2. Your data plan is unlimited and you are allowed to turn on the hotspot feature of your mobile phone. But the hotspot is metered against a cap which does not allow high speed after the limit is reached. It means that the internet speed will be throttled to crawl after the limit and FoxFi cannot avoid this.
  3. Your data plan is unlimited and you are allowed to turn on mobile hotspot from your phone with unlimited LTE usage and no throttling cap. There are very few carriers which allow such kind of plan but there are some phone models which allow loopholes to have this kind of data plan.
  4. Your data plan is limited and it allows you to turn on mobile hotspot from your phone. The mobile hotspot usage goes under the same data plan limit.

Now if your plan falls under the first two categories then it is highly recommended that you should use the “PdaNet”. It will help you solve all the problems you must be dealing with sharing the internet access to your other devices. But if your data plan falls under the last two categories then you do not need to use PdaNet. The app will make no further difference in your usage of the data plan. And if you are unsure of what kind of data plan you have then you should use “PdaNet APK”, the app will help you in some way or other.

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