GTA Vice City APK: Download Latest Version Game for Android – Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto- GTA Vice City Game is an action, arcade, third-person anahooter game developed by the Rockstar Animation Studios originally for the PlayStation 2 and then for the Windows desktop platform. Now Grand Theft Auto Vice City is also available to play on your Android phone as “GTA Vice City APK”. That means that you do not need to use a Windows or PlayStation emulators to run the game on your mobile phone but you can directly download it and play just like any other Android game. GTA Vice City APK is available on most of the app stores for free, you just need to download and install it on your phone.

GTA Vice City APK allows you to play and experience the fun and thrill of the life of Tommy Vercetti on your Android phone. The gameplay is just the same as it was for the PlayStation and Windows Computer and the controllers are provided on the screen of your mobile. The GTA Vice City APK has improved the quality of the animations for playing on the mobile phone while it provides you option in the settings to adjust the resolution of the game according to the size of your mobile. You can even increase the resolution of the GTA Vice City game on your Android phone up to a 4k quality.

Download APK 8 MB

Download DATA (999 MB)

The “GTA Vice City APK” file is 1.4 GB and it can be downloaded with its cache file at most of the app stores and websites. GTA Vice City is rated one of the best Game Guardian for the Android mobile due to its complex nature and gameplay which is derived from it from its PlayStation version. The game is considered as one of the most significant sixth generation game and is the greatest video game made in the 90s.

GTA Vice City APK

The plot of the “GTA Vice City” is about Tommy Vercetti who is sent to the Vice City to get a drug deal done by the Forelli family. But the deal gets ambushed and he loses all his companions, money and drugs for the deal. Then with the help of his friends, he sets up a reputation in the Vice City and slowly reveals the secrets about the conspiracy set up to ambush the drug deal. By eliminating the threats and making new and powerful friends Tommy becomes the undisputed drug kingpin of the “Vice City” until he finds out the truth about the ambush and who set him up 15 years ago which caused his imprisonment.

GTA Vice City APK

The game constructs a crook empire by stealing cars, busting drug deals, intimidating much less flexible businessmen and killing lots and masses of human beings. GTA Vice City APK is mostly free to play and the player can roam around the whole Vice City and spread mischief. Or you can conduct missions which are given in arrangement order and complete the story of the game. The game also provides you with side missions which has nothing to do with the main story and are just provided for recreation purposes. Such as one side mission is to find the hidden money packages which are hidden throughout the Vice City. 50 of such hidden drug money packages are hidden throughout the game.

GTA Vice City APK

Features of the GTA Vice City APK

  • For the mobile gameplay, the graphics are improved, modified and optimized to provide a better video on mobile.
  • It also supports for synchronizing the saved games from the Rockstar service same as in GTA San Andreas APK.You can become a Rockstar Social Club member and gain access to cloud save support for playing across all your Android devices.
  • A variety of controls are provided for controlling the player while running or while running a car.It also supports mega controller.
  • Dual analog controls are provided for convenient control over the gameplay. One controller is provided for the movement of the camera while the other is provided for the movement of the player and the vehicles.
  • Other than these controls, three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display button only when you need them.

GTA Vice City APK

  • It has a setting to set the graphics and the resolution of the game for each device automatically. Later you can also change the settings according to your own needs in the manual settings of the game.
  • The game is compatible with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller and selects Bluetooth and USB gamepads.
  • It is also integrated with Immersion tactile effects.
  • It has following languages support: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Japanese.

Requirements of the GTA Vice City APK

  • RAM 2 GB for smooth performance of the game.
  • ROM 4GB. The game is of 1.2 GB plus additional cache files of the game.
  • Supports all the Android versions higher than 2.3 Ginger Bread until 6.0 Marshmallow. Update of Android Nougat and Android Oreo are still in the works.

Play the “GTA Vice City” on your mobile phone to get the experience of excellent gaming. GTA Vice City APK inherits the former high degree of freedom of the game system as the entire game presents an open play where the players can control their own life and experience the world of Vice City and drug leader markets. The game is a little bit too crazy where you can choose to follow the main storyline to do the task and complete the missions or free action where you can just roam free without many boundaries.

Live the life of a crime lord and drug kingpin where you can kill and massacre pedestrians, chased by the police of different levels and visit various places. You can also travel through almost every of the vehicle present in the game whether it is a car, truck, bike or helicopter it does not matter. GTA Vice City APK is one of the outstanding and most successful third-person shooting a game of the 90s era.

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