Freedom APK Download v2.0.9 for Android (Official Site) – Latest Version

“Freedom APK” is used by several Android gamers to play the game with even more comfort. Freedom APK works as a mod APK for most of the games installed on your android device. Most of the mod APK provides you with unlimited possibilities to clear the levels and complete the game easily. Therefore you can just download this one app instead of downloading and using the mod apps for every game you play on your Android device.

Freedom APK works for both rooted and nonrooted devices. You do not need to worry if your device is not rooted already and you are not able to root it properly because the “Freedom APK” works on both kinds of Android devices smoothly. You do not need to worry about your device that if it will able to run the application or not because this application works on almost device. It has been tested on over 20 different brands and over 100 different mobile phone handsets. Watch Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 3

Download Freedom APK (2 MB)

Freedom APK provides you with the simple and easy way to complete the game and that is to buy the in-app purchases for free. Most of the in-app purchases are made through the wallets which are registered on your Google Play ID. What Freedom APK does is that it creates a fake freeloading credit card on the Google Play which lets you buy any in-app updates in the game that you want for free.

Freedom Apk

You can use the Freedom APK to get the stats of the games you play to a high level. You can easily reach new levels, unlock the entire in-app items and characters, complete the objectives and tasks and you can also get to the top of the world leaderboards. You can do all of this using various mod APKs of the games you play but use the Freedom APK you can buy the in-app purchases of all the games that you play on your mobile. Hence Freedom APK is recommended by most of the app critics and reviewers.

Freedom Apk

If you are playing games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run, Freedom APK is the best Android APK you should use to get enough level ups, powers ups, and a new high score. You can buy as many keys in the Subway Surfer and use them buy new characters and their uniforms. You can also buy the coins to upgrade various items and buy new characters. In this way, you can use coins and keys to get power-ups and speed starts. In this way, you will be able to earn a new high score in no time.


Freedom Apk

Moreover, the games such as Asphalt Nitro, Adrenaline or Turbo Racing are supported by the Freedom APK. You can play these games with Freedom and buy all the locked cars, upgrade them and win the races easily. You can buy coins and the other in-app items of these games using the Freedom APK. Freedom APK supports most of the games available on Google Play and hence you do not worry that if your game will be supported by Freedom or not. However, it is very difficult to buy items in the online games for free and therefore, Freedom APK might not work properly for the online games or it may take a long while to load and do the job for the online games.

You can say that Freedom APK is a hacking tool which is used, obviously to hack games and to get their in-app purchases for free. This app allows you to but coin, diamond, points and the other possibilities in-app items for a game for free. “Freedom APK” creates a fake account on the Google with a fake credit card account and details which lets you buy any of the in-game purchases. The fake account deceives Google into thinking that u are actually paying for the purchases while you have never paid for them. In this way, you get the in-game purchases for free.

When you will download this app, you will find the list of all the games installed on your device in it. When you will select the game in which you want to buy some gold or coins or other in game purchases the game will open as usual. Inside the game, when you reach the point to buy something you are directed to your Google Play Games ID which is linked to your Google account and then it asks for your account credentials but using while using this app, you will be directed to a fake Google Play Games ID which already has a fake credit card details attached to it. And hence when you buy the in game purchases your own bank account or credit card is not charged and you get the updates for free.

Freedom APK does not require much to work, it just needs fine internet connectivity and the same requirements of the game in which you want to buy the items. The application serves well for both rooted and nonrooted devices and hence you do not need to worry much about using this app. Moreover, Freedom APK is compatible with most of the games and works fine with them. Although, there may be some technical or other issues with running the games with the “Freedom APK”.

Freedom APK Features

Freedom APK does not provide many features and functions as its only basic function is to get you the in-game purchases for free for most of the games on your device. This hacking tool is very easy to use and it is very user-friendly.

  • Provides you with a list of all of the games installed on your mobile phone.
  • Provides a list of the games where the Freedom APK can work and get you the in-game purchases.
  • Creates a fake Google ID and fake bank account credentials.
  • Lets you use the in-game paid features for free.
  • Helps you to advance in games very easily and safely.
  • Lets you unlock the premium version of the game for free.
  • Gives you access to all of the hidden and paid features of the game.
  • Gives you unlimited money, coins, diamonds, gems, and other in-game currencies for free.
  • Works with most of the games and is compatible with most of the Android devices.

Requirements of the Freedom APK

Freedom APK does not require very heavy specifications from your mobile, it works with almost all of the Android phones with low specs. Freedom APK is one of the most user-friendly apps for the Android platform where you do not need to input any codes or require any knowledge of hacking to get the in-game purchases. The Freedom APK does it for you easily.

  • 1 GB RAM, which is very uncommon not to have on your smartphone these days. Better the RAM of your device smoother its functioning will be.
  • 1 GB ROM. The internal memory of your phone is required to save the cache files which the app will develop in order to get the work done for you. Moreover, you will need mobile memory also for storing and installing the games on your device.
  • Internet access. To get the purchases dome you will obviously need the internet access.

System permission requirements

Other than the mobile specifications, the Freedom APK will require some system permissions to work better and more smoothly. These permissions are listed as follows:

  • Internet Access
  • Write internal memory
  • Change system settings
  • Kill background tasks
  • Read phone stats
  • Get access to accounts
  • Install updates and system packages
  • Reboot device

How to install the Freedom APK

You can install Freedom APK on almost all Android devices. The latest version is supposed to work on Android Marshmallow and Nougat too. But the important thing is to have root access. If your device is not rooted and you don’t know how to root, we suggest you look for a rooting tutorial on the internet and root your device. A rooted Android can do a lot more than its default configuration.

1. Once you have rooted your device, you are ready to install Freedom APK. So as the first step root your Android device.

2. Then, download the installation file (freedom.APK) to your device. If you have downloaded the file on your computer, transfer the file to your mobile.

3. Now, go to the Settings of your phone and allow Installation from unknown sources in the Security section. You are now allowed to install apps from APK files (without using Google Play Store).

4. Use your phone’s file manager to locate the Freedom APK file you just downloaded (or transferred from your computer).

5. Open the file. This might show you a warning message, ask for root access etc. Tap ok for all of these. Freedom will be installed on your device.

How to do In-App Purchases with Freedom APK?

Follow steps carefully after installing freedom App.

1. As the first step open Freedom app from the Apps drawer.

2. Now you will be asked to grant root permissions, Grant/Allow it to access root permissions.

3. In the opened windows you will see list apps that installed on your phone.

4. Select any app from the list which you want to do In-App purchases.

5. Touch on the app name and wait some seconds.

6. When the selected app is opened, go to the store of that app.

7. Now click on “Buy” button for every In-App-Purchase.

How to fix “No connection” error in Google play while using Freedom App?

This is a very common issue that many of the freedom users got. But don’t worry it’s very easy to fix. Follow below steps carefully to fix “No connection Google play error”.

1. First, download a file explorer that can edit system files. ( ex. Root Explorer, ES file explorer)

2. Find the folder named “System” in the root directory.

3. Now open the “etc folder in “System” and find the “hosts” file.

4. Edit that hosts file and pastes the below code into it.

5. Now save the hosts file.

6. In the settings open Applications manager.

7. Now find Google Play Store and open it and click on Clear data button.

8. After completing everything Reboot your Android device.

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