How to install Drastic DS Emulator

Downloading and using an emulator apk is just as similar to that of any other apk. There are a series of guidelines which you will need to follow in order to get this Drastic DS Emulator APK running on your Android device. If you have already used and installed any type of emulator apk on your mobile phone, there are chances you may already know the procedure. In any case, it would be suggested by us that you should at least look at the procedure we are providing.

1. Download the Drastic DS Emulator apk from the given link and install it along with the lucky patcher.

2. Open the lucky patcher and select the emulator.

3. Now, open the menu through the menu option provided at the left top corner of the emulator and click on remove the license verification.

4. Now launch the app once again, there are very fewer chances that it will show the license error message

5. If the license error message is still there then open the lucky patcher again and go to the menu once again. Tap and select the last option of the menu in order to generate a new license for the software. This license will be created automatically.

6. Enjoy several Nintendo games on your Android device using the Drastic DS Emulator.
Drastic DS Emulator is a very useful app for the Android for the people who like to cherish the memories of their childhood by enjoying several Nintendo games. Drastic APK allows the users to play the Nintendo games on their Android device without any lag or errors. The emulator also provides compatibility with Google’s cloud space for saving option on Google Drive. Drastic DS Emulator APK is one of the best emulator APK in the App Stores.