Amazon Underground App: Download Latest Version APK for Android

Amazon Underground APK is an Android App offered by Amazon which allows its users to freely download and obtain in-Apps items that were otherwise to be paid in order to use their services. While launching the “Amazon Underground App”, the company used the catchphrase “Actually Free” to describe the policy of this Application. It is assured by the Amazon that Amazon Underground APK is not a temporary service being launched by the company but it is going to stay for a long run.

Amazon Underground App includes enhanced features and enables you the access to content which is not available in the Amazon shopping App. Amazon Underground provides the Amazon’s shopping experience with the instant streaming of Amazon Instant Video PLUS over $10,000 in Apps, games and in-app items which are actually free.

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Amazon Underground APK allows to shop millions of digital and physical products in the Amazon’s catalog and manages the orders of the user from anywhere. “Amazon Underground” optimises the mobile phone and allows the user to quickly search, share, read reviews, compare prices and make purchases securely.

Availability of “Amazon Underground” Application

The Amazon Underground App is available for the consumers on the official website of Amazon and can download from the link given there. This App is not available on Google Play and Google’s Android App store as it violates the necessary conditions to be listed in the App store.

Amazon Underground App

All the App participating in the Amazon Underground will be available once the Amazon Underground App is downloaded from within the Amazon Underground APK itself. The Amazon Underground App is available for free at the website of Amazon and in addition to that, all the in-App purchases in the Amazon Underground are for free.

Amazon Underground APK Android Requirements:

The Amazon Underground App requires the Android version 4.03 and up. Along with this, the App also requires the rear-facing camera for scanning barcodes, if needed by the customers. The App also requires various permissions to operate properly and to provide an improved customer experience.

Amazon Underground App

• Read contacts permission is used for the purposes of sending and receiving Amazon gift cards through the Amazon Underground App.

• SMS permission is used to simplify the sign-up process and billing process which requires phone verification.

• Camera permission is used to the Scan-it feature introduced by the Amazon to search using barcodes.

Amazon Underground App

• Location permission is needed to ensure a convenient delivery service offered only in Japan and France.

• Storage permission is required to enable downloading of the 3rd party Apps from the Amazon Underground App to device storage.

• Microphone permission is used by the voice search feature of the App.


Features of the Amazon Underground App:

The Amazon Underground App includes the following features which are not available in the Amazon Shopping App and are found on Google Play. This App even has advanced and enhanced features which includes:

  • Shop millions of digital items such as movies, TV shows, songs, books, Apps, games and audiobooks.
  • Get over $10,000 in Apps, games, and in-app items which are actually free.
  • Stream Amazon Instant Video movies, TV shows via the Amazon Instant Video player.
  • Quick search, read reviews, get product details and compare prices of the millions of products available on the App.
  • Get notified about the latest deals and tracking of the orders.
  • Use of the phone’s camera to scan the barcode and find the products even more easily.
  • Scan the Amazon gift cards and Apply them to the Amazon account for getting extra off the given deals.
  • Use of Voice commands such as “track order”, “track my last order”, “search product”, “reorder products”, “buy the product” by saying the
  • name of the product instead of product.
  • All the transactions are securely processed.

Monetization by Amazon:

Amazon allows a lot of Apps to be used under Amazon Underground and the App creators can choose to participate in Amazon Underground program. Amazon pays the App creators on the basis of the total time spent by the users in the App, at a flat rate of $0.002 per minute.Therefore, Amazon Underground APK programme is not recommended for the Apps which have modified versions which have removed in-App purchases and also not for the Apps which have modified their gameplay by removing in-App currency.

Amazon makes its own profit by the “Amazon Underground” App by showing ads. Amazon shows ads when the user downloads the App for the very first time and also occasionally while the subsequent opening of the App.

In short, Amazon provides the users to use the Apps for free using Amazon Underground App in exchange for them to be viewing ads. Amazon earns from the advertising brands and pays to the Apps in the Amazon Underground APK based on the time spent on the App by the users.

Eligibility requirements for the participating Apps:

• If an App wants to participate in the “Amazon Underground” program it has to be available for download from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Moreover, the App should be available to purchase for a fee in all the other App stores where t is sold and the in-App items contained by the App should also be available for purchase for a fee.

• The App must not contain any subscriptions for the in-App items.

• Features available of an App available on the Amazon Underground should be better than the non-Underground version.

Customer Reviews of the Amazon Underground App:

“The design of the App is not ugly and it is alright but it could have been a lot better. The App is not that great to look at. The drop-down menu on the left side gives you quick access to all of the Amazon’s sections. However, this seems counterproductive since there are so many sections, it is almost distracting. In addition to Amazon Underground’s Apps, you can also find washing machines, books, televisions, video games consoles, etc.”

“Amazon Underground is an interesting alternative to Google Play that you can use to download all types of Apps. The best part is definitely all the paid versions of the Apps that are offered for free.”


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