“All in One” AIO Downloader APK Latest Version Download for Android

All in One Downloader APK: AIO Downloader is an Android application which can be used by the user to find and download all kinds of .APK files of several apps and games for free. This application is just as similar to Google’s Play Store where you can browse through various categories of apps, games and e-books but also put up a personalised search for any desired application. This application allows the users to download not only apps and games but also various videos, music, e-books, kindle books, movies and a lot more.

All in One Downloader is a global app for those who does not want to register themselves for downloading the apps and games. The AIO Downloader application does not compels the users to sign in through any of the accounts or asks them to create an account on the app itself. But it allows the users to freely download the apps as they desire. In this way, this app is the best for those who are not able to download apps and games from Google’s Play Store due to login problems or due to bad interconnections. You must also try Game Guardian APK for Android. Hence it is a safe and secure way to avoid third party apps by avoiding Google login.

AIO Downloader works in every Android device with the Android version 2.0 or higher.
The All in One Downloader is made such that it provides ease to the user to browse through the various apps in the markets. This application has classified apps on the basis of their functions, genre, and popularity and have put them into respective one or more sections. In this way the user can easily look up for the similar apps in the same category. Also, the apps made by same developer can be found at the same place, you just have to click some more keys to do it.

All in One Downloader beats Google’s Play Store in one or more ways. One of these is that Google’s Play Store works on geo or regional network which does not allow you to download the apps which are developed for locations foreign to you. Let say if you are Indian, you cannot download the apps and games from the Play Store which are specially developed for United States. This happened with the very popular game Pokémon Go. But with the help of AiO Downloader you can access and download geo-restricted apps and games without any difficulty.

All in One Downloader helps you with keeping the tabs on all of the apps downloaded on your device. It helps you to know about the latest updates of the apps and the updates about the new versions of the apps on your device. This done through the instant notification setting which could be turn on in order to get automatic updates about the new version of the apps being released.

All in One Downloader also provides a facility to watch YouTube videos and play online games directly on the app itself. Moreover, the app policy of AiO downloader is much simpler than that of Google’s Play Store and hence there are various apps and games which are available on AiO downloader but not on Play Store. TubeMate, Videoder are the prime examples of such apps which are not available on Play Store but are on AIO Downloader. All of these apps are available on the AiO Downloader app for free.

Features of the All in One Downloader APK:

All in One Downloader is one of the most fantastic downloader application available out there. It is highly trending these days, there are several of its features which makes it out stand the Google’s Play Store. AIO Downloader provides you with all of the top rated and most downloaded apps and games under the same roof. Here are some of the most exciting features of the All in One Downloader.

• Safest way to download APK files of apps and games directly on your Android device.
• Bypass geo-restriction to download all of your favorite apps and games.
• The app allows you to play the game inside the app itself for the trial purposes before you download the real game.
• No login required, and hence you can just get the apps and games without any restrictions.
• The app also allows the user to the online streaming of the YouTube videos within the app itself.
• The third party apps which are not available in the Play store can be found in the AiO Downloader app and can be downloaded easily.
• There are various apps available on AiO Downloader app which are not to be found in Play Store either because they do not fulfill the Google’s policies or because they are considered to be hidden apps. All the hidden apps, news, games and other stuff can be discovered on the AiO Downloader app.
• This app allows the user to download several things other than apps too, like ringtones, music, wallpapers, movies, etc.
• Keeps you updated about the trending apps via daily updates.
• Editor recommendation and handpicked apps and games are available.
Requirements for the All in One Downloader APK:
• Android Version 2.0 or higher is required for the running this app on your device.
• Minimum RAM of 512 MB
• Minimum Rom of 128 MB (10 MB free space is required by the app to be installed on the device)
• Internet connection.

How to install All in One Downloader APK:

Following is the procedure, we are providing you to easily understand how to download the All in One Downloader app and how to use it to download the other apps.

• Download the APK file from the given link.
• If downloaded in your PC then kindly copy it to your Andoird device.
• Install the AiO Downloader app with them. APK file.
• Open the app from the home screen of your Android device.
• No registration is required to proceed, and therefore just browse through the app.
• Navigate to the app which you want to download.
• Start the downloading using the download button provided at the window of every app All in One Downloader APK.

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