Adblock Plus APK: Download Latest Version for Android

“Adblock Plus APK” is an application developed for Android which blocks all of the annoying ads which pop up while using various apps. Most of the apps these days are monetized by ads and that is why every time you open those apps, advertisements pop up on your screen. These ads also show up in between of using the apps, it is never certain when these ads will pop up on your screen. This can be very annoying and troublesome if you are wanting to work for long hours on an app. Therefore using Adblock Plus APK can be the solution you desire.

Android devices do not provide the traffic filter which helps you to block the unwanted ads which came through the internet. Some malicious apps may also get installed automatically on your Android system without your knowledge, these are called as malware. The root cause of Malware on your Android device is popup ads. Adblock Plus APK blocks this root cause and hence saves your Android phone from the malware attacks.

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The Adblock Plus APK does not require your mobile phone to be rooted. Nonrooted Android phone can also use this application without any difficulty. This application blocks all the intrusive ads from reaching your phone, including most in-app ads and those which you would normally encounter while browsing the internet. Mobile performs in a certain similar way while browsing on it as on your desktop and hence most of the ads make their way to your screens.

Adblock Plus APK

Not only that, many times the ads you watch, their photos and videos may get saved into your phone’s memory and while acquiring a lot of storage space of your smartphone. Adblock Plus APK not only blocks the ads from appearing your phone’s screen but also does not let themselves get into your mobile’s system memory. This also saves your phone from various virus and Trojans. Therefore Adblock Plus APK also acts as a shield for your Android phone.

Adblock Plus APK

Configuring Adblock Plus APK for Android can be a little more complex than for the other versions. To solve this, the app comes with a complete tutorial which can help you to configure the app for our settings in a few minutes. Once the Adblock Plus is set up on your Android phone, you can browse the internet without having to deal with any annoying banner ads or other distractions. Adblock Plus APK is a really handy application for the Android users.

Adblock Plus APK

Features of the Adblock Plus APK

Block harmful ads: the adblock will stop the ads which come from various sources. It also stops banner ads, popup ads, tracking ads as well as popunder ads on your Android Device.

Filter and stop the malware: the app also protects your phone from the malware attacks by blocking the malware ads.

Keep the safe ads: advertisements from the safe and reliable sources such as Google Adsense are safe and are not harm the device. Therefore it is not protected by default. Although there are settings options to block these ads too if they are too much for you.

Freeware and open source: Adblock Plus APK is a freeware Android app which does not require any purchase or in-app purchases from its users. It is an open source, therefore, the users are allowed to download it for free without any copyright issue.

What types of ads can be blocked using Adblock Plus APK?

There are various types of ads which you may encounter while surfing the internet on your Smartphone. A list of these ads is given below.

Pop-up ads: Pop up ads are the most common of them all. Pop up ads are the one which opens a new window on the web browser of redirect you to a new page.

Malware ads: Malware ads are the one which redirects you to a new webpage while surfing the internet because of which your phone starts vibrating until you close that tab or the window. These are vibrations are meant to force you to download and install some security software by showing you a message that your phone is infected with a virus. These ads install malware on your Android device which slows down the Android system by eating up all its resources. A malware software replicates itself again and again and hence these kinds of ads can be very harmful to your Android device.

Banner ads:  Banner ads are the one which appears when you open an app and the ad covers the whole screen from the ad. These ads can appear as well while using some of the apps. Also download the GTA San Andreas APK for Android.

Adblock Plus APK blocks all of these kinds of ads and protects your Android device from any kind of damage these ads can harm.

How does Adblock Plus APK work on an Android device?

After the installation of the Adblock Plus APK on your Android device, it will activate itself and run in the background as a guard shield. Adblock Plus filter the internet traffic by scanning and blocking the ads on every of the webpage you visit and hence provides you with safe browsing.

Settings of the Adblock Plus APK can be set and managed for a specific site also. It means that Adblock Plus APK can be disabled for any specific website where you do not the ads to be blocked. It is so because some of the websites do not open if the adblockers are enabled and if you want to visit that website you will have to disable the adblocker. To make it a little less troublesome for the users who want to visit those websites which require adblockers to be disabled, this function is very useful.

The configuration of the Adblock Plus APK on the phones which are non-rooted as well as below version 3.1 will require it to be done manually. It will work as a proxy server for the non-rooted device and will filter the traffic only. But for the latest Andriod versions such as KitKat, Lolipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat are supporting directly. The “Adblock Plus APK” works like a pro and does not require any extra cost or any in-app purchases.

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