How does Adblock Plus APK work on an Android device?

After the installation of the Adblock Plus APK on your Android device, it will activate itself and run in the background as a guard shield. Adblock Plus filter the internet traffic by scanning and blocking the ads on every of the webpage you visit and hence provides you with safe browsing.

Settings of the Adblock Plus APK can be set and managed for a specific site also. It means that Adblock Plus APK can be disabled for any specific website where you do not the ads to be blocked. It is so because some of the websites do not open if the adblockers are enabled and if you want to visit that website you will have to disable the adblocker. To make it a little less troublesome for the users who want to visit those websites which require adblockers to be disabled, this function is very useful.

The configuration of the Adblock Plus APK on the phones which are non-rooted as well as below version 3.1 will require it to be done manually. It will work as a proxy server for the non-rooted device and will filter the traffic only. But for the latest Andriod versions such as KitKat, Lolipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat are supporting directly. The “Adblock Plus APK” works like a pro and does not require any extra cost or any in-app purchases.